Saturday, 29 April 2017

Wow! Its been a long time

What can I say? My last post was a little short of a year ago, and I didn't realise I had been away from Elite Dangerous for so long. We have had a few updates since then, them major one was 2.1, and then came 2.3 almost a year later. So quite a few more features which improves the game a lot.

The reason for such a long absence was real life stuff things taking over, playing Star Wars Galaxy again and even spending a little time on my XBox getting a new character up to 100 or so in the Skyrim Elder Scrolls. My disability was taking over and I needed easy stuff to get into. Enough about that though. I am back! For how long I have no idea, but I shall have to see how it goes.

So.... I upgraded and logged and yes, it was just how I left it, in deep deep space. The plane now is to head back to the bubble, cash in all my data, and upgrade my ship with some of the nice shiny Engineer gear; like an upgraded Frame Shift Drive, Weapons, Shields, etc and then decide where to go next.

Distance covered6004.7 Ly
Number of jumps237
Systems surveyed128
Systems undiscovered243

As you can see from the table above, I have made a lot of jumps before updating the blog. I should have read my spreadsheet a little better, before carrying on with this journey! Never mind, that will mean that should, but not promising, be few extra pictures to show off.

Before I post any more, I have decided to do a few live streams to Twitch: my twitch channel. The partial name Kitty comes from my nickname in the Elite Dangerous forums.  It wont be a regular stream, but I will post alerts in my Twitter feed, in case any of you wish to pop in and say hi. Don't forget to follow me!

A rather nice water world with lots of rock and ice rings.

When you think you have seen all the best places, and you come across a moon orbiting a heavy ringed volcanic body. I an still in awe of these types of systems.

A view from a pock marked potato!

Getting closer. The rings look quite fluffy, but made up of  hard rocks.

A neighbouring body.

On towards brighter objects in the void. It is usually the K, G, F and A class suns that produces the most interesting systems in my experience, so when plotting your routes, try to include as many as possible, even diverting a couple of jumps to take them in, You will know what you may come across.

Planets with visible atmospheres.

If this had been a terraformable, it would make an interesting place to live.

One of those rare ammonia worlds.

Looks like an earth type world, but sadly it is the wrong atmosphere type and far too dense.

Other interesting shots.

Does this remind you of anything?

I do love this incredible bodies.

Very atmospheric!

A ringed Gas giant supporting life - microbial most probably/

A selfie approaching the rings of another Gas Giant.

Sunrise on a very hot planet - preparing to land to get some materials for synthesis.

I will try to get some decent pictures of some interesting planets/moons  that I have landed on. I do land quite a bit these days and have a drive around looking for those super rare materials. I am not sure, but I think there is more chance of getting out here in the black than within the bubble. Perhaps it is because of the star types are more varied, but it is well worth checking each land-able moon for the materials now that this information is made available.

Is this a bug or could this really happen?

And finally... Here are some details of a body which I found. They just seem to be so fantastic that I am not sure if this is a bug or real. I would guess that metallic vapour would be heavy, but look at the atmospheric pressure?

Any comments? I would love to hear about them.

Well, now is the time to reset my spreadsheet for this post and start collecting some more images for the next post. There is a Formadine Event today, so it will be fun to see how it all turns out. Will Salomé end up getting killed and we loose the story line?

Thanks for reading, and have great time whatever you do!