Original Route with some basic data.

This table is an example of how I track my progress. It only takes a minute to keep the information updated as you travel. I think it is quite useful, but ideally, you need to make this kind of commitment when you start out for it to really make any sense.

After returning for repairs, I sold all of the data, so if you decided to follow this route for some peculiar reason, you would find Kiarra at the systems that indicate my explorations that had not been previously discovered.

I believe this kind of data is more useful when you get inside a large field of systems that have non-scoopable stars, as you can quickly retrace your steps to recover the situation.

Once I have finished my exploration trip, I will publish all of the data, in a table similar to that shown below.

- yes
- no
▓ - Many
▒ - Some
░ - Few

Total Distance to first way point: 1008.3

System Name Major Sun Type Explored Distance Pre. Discovered
COL 285 Sector NO-G C11-23 M 30.4
Awarilo G 30.2
COL 285 Sector MA-R B20-1 M 29.7
HIP 74183 W 28.2
COL 285 Sector PO-Q D5-48 T 29.1
COL 285 Sector AJ-T B19-0 M 26.7
COL 285 Sector AX-1 C10-10 T 30.2
COL 285 Sector UV-K C9-7 K 30.2
COL 285 Sector NR-V B18-2 M 28.2
COL 285 Sector IN-S D4-38 F 30.1
COL 285 Sector BK-Z B 16-0 T 30.6
COL 285 Sector UI-B B 16-1 M 30.7
COL 285 Sector JZ-M C8-1 T 30.7
COL 285 Sector MM-D B15 M 29.9
Wredguia PO-R B47-0 M 30.8
WREDGUIA FS-T B46-1 M 28.6
WREDGUIA ZQ-V B45-0 M 28.8
WREDGUIA SP-X B44-0 M 27.2
WREDGUIA NJ-Z B43-0 M 27.3
WREDGUIA KO-Z B34-0 M 27.2
WREDGUIA ST-H D10-11 K 29.7
WREDGUIA BS-B B43-0 T 25.6
WREDGUIA YW-B B43-0 M 30.6
WREDGUIA RV-D B42-0 M 29.3
WREDGUIA OA-E B42-0 M 29.4
WREDGUIA IZ-F B41-0 M 30.2
WREDGUIA FE-G B41-0 M 29.4
WREDGUIA ZC-I B40-0 T 28.9 1
WREDGUIA UM-I B40-0 M 27.2 1
WREDGUIA PG-K B39-0 M 27.5
WREDGUIA TF-S C19-0 T 27.7
WREDGUIA GK-M B38-0 M 30.4
WREDGUIA ME-U C18-1 K 27.3
WREDGUIA HY-V C17-1 K 30.9
HIP 65916 G 23.7