Sunday, 15 May 2016

"God doesn't build in straight lines..."

An interesting quote from a film by Ridley Scott called Prometheus. This was went through my mind when I discovered the body shown below. In fact straight lines can be observed in nature, so the quote is a little misleading, but perhaps made an impact in the film; which I have enjoyed watching a few times now.

Very interesting lines and formations on this body.

Note that one of the volcanic (I assume) regions is almost the centre of a hexagon. This does make you wonder if this planet has been terra-formed or being used by Thargoids, which is a insect like race according to the Elite Novels. Sadly, this body had an atmosphere, so landing on it was not possible, but when this becomes available, this body is one that I will definitely come back to and make a landing.

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It was a kind of a holiday, about 7 days away up north from where I live. I was hoping to have done a little sea fishing off a sea wall, but the disabled access was so poor, you had to walk miles to get anywhere decent, and sadly for me, that simply isn't possible, I spent most of my time sitting in the car reading, catching up on some the Elite books on my Kindle. The stories were excellent, and the one about the Lave Revolution was well put together; a book that I simply couldn't put down.

The list of books that I read over this short time away were:

I still have yet to finish "And here the Wheel", but so far it has been a good read. There are other books for Elite Dangerous, but I wanted to catch up on the lore and see if I could make any sense to the mystery of the Formadine Rift. So far the solution, like many others, has eluded me.

Once I returned I decided I had to make some decisions. With Engineers coming out soon, space will become more dangerous and it would be prudent to take advantage of the new enhanced shields, weapons and jump drives, with a view to a return to exploration. To this end, and having a real interest in the area known as the Formadine Rift, I have decided to turn back on myself in a large loop and travel through the rift area whilst heading, in a roundabout way, back to the bubble.

Stats and Images

The week away has meant that the number of jumps and distance travelled is much reduced. I felt it better to update the blog, rather than wait another couple of weeks. It is now day 99 if you count in the days away.

Distance covered3850.5 Ly
Number of jumps139
Systems surveyed75
Systems undiscovered138

I haven't taken as many pictures as previous sessions. Mainly because they all seem so similar and familiar now, so finding bodies that really stand out is becoming increasingly difficult. Having said that, the textures of the following Gas Giants are quite colourful, and the storm systems on some of these are more intense.

A moon with a view

Ammonia Gas Giant with a few Ice Rings - soon to be good to mine.

Gorgeous colour palette

There is something about these blue gas giants that appeals to me.

Ragged Storms here.

The galaxy showing through the rings is a lovely effect.

More wonderful blues.

Really large storms brewing, and massive cloud systems

Planetary Bodies

I am slowly cataloguing all of the yellow bodies I have across, and will create a page showing them all in the near future. It seems that most of them have an atmosphere, complete with weather systems, but surprisingly they are all subtly different. I do wonder if the textures have been created procedurally.

These planets are the system's jewels.

First kind of body of this type with rings for me.

Another jewel in the system with a great lake of ?

A terra-formable water world with a heavy and dense cloudy atmosphere.

Despite being only 88 Ls from a sun, this body is very dark and foreboding.

Not all rings reflect the sun light like this. Quite astonishing.

More interesting ring patterns

Another one of those planets you wish you could land on.

One of the plainer bodies, but exudes beauty in its own form.
Well.... that completes this update. if you are a Rifter, then you may be interested in the following posts as I cross the rift looking for what everyone else is searching for. Will I find it? probably not, but I will have a good look around. Who know what I will stumble upon. It is a huge area of the galaxy.

This is not my own image. Created by one of the knowledgeable Rifters.

Watch this space!